Carter Shackelford Investigations (CSI)
Private Detective Agency
CSI is a Private Investigative Agency licensed by the State of Indiana.    

We provide assistance in criminal and civil cases.

Been victimized? Call us right away.

We have the best police departments in the country but they are overwhelmed
We give your case the personal attention it deserves.

Our license allows us to investigate and go directly to the prosecutor with our findings.

Want to know if you have a civil lawsuit case?

We investigate for you and provide an attorney suited for your circumstance.

Call or e-mail for a free inital consultation.

            DO NOT DELAY!!

    Most cases are time sensitive.
    You must protect your rights!

Automotive expert on Staff.

Victim assistance is a priority.

We pry harder

Carter Shackelford Investigations (CSI)
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Fax: 317-547-6740